Evalar is a well-known family owned brand in Europe with 25 experience in growing, cultivating and manufacturing our own herbs for supplements and teas to help maintain your wellbeing. With over 1000 hectares of pristine land based at the foot of the Altai Mountains and our award winning state of the art manufacturing facility , our goal is to provide you and your family is the highest standard and GMP certified products - Helping you to reach your full potential – naturally.
As directed on the packet however we recommend the Stress Support Day to be taken with breakfast.
We proudly grow over 30 varieties of herbs on our own plantation in the pristine Altai Region, Russia – enabling us to have high quality and high active ingredients. We also source some of our ingredients from around the world to give you the highest quality supplements.
No – most of our products contain no added yeast, wheat, gluten, nuts, dairy, lactose, sugar, eggs, animal products, artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or sweeteners.
No – both Evalar’s supplements and tea range do not contain any sugar – our herbal teas are flavoured with all natural black currant flavour which does not contain sugar.
While natural medicines work to improve our quality of life, some ingredients can interact with certain medications etc.We recommend you see your healthcare professional for advice before taking a product.
There are limited studies on nutritional ingredients and herbs and their role in pregnancy – we recommend you seek the advice of your healthcare professional before taking if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
At your local health food store or pharmacy or check out our stockist page
Yes – all our supplements and teas go through over 20 reviews at each stage of production to ensure you receive the highest quality supplement in every bottle.
No – we use 2 piece vegetarian hard capsules in all our capsuled products that are free from animal derived gelatine.
We use all natural herbs and ingredients – sometimes there is a slight variation in colours of natural ingredients but there is no need to worry – our products have over 20 reviews at each stage of production to ensure the highest quality.

For both our supplements and herbal tea range, they are best to be stored below 25 degrees in a cool dry place.

We recommend the teas to be stored in an airtight container away from direct sunlight after opening.

Many of Evalar supplements contain high quality B Vitamins, these may cause your urine to be a bright colour yellow due to the Flavin content in certain B vitamins. Ensure you drink adequate water when taking all vitamins to help absorbable and breakdown – the yellow appearance is due to the excess of Flavin excreted through the urine.